Your big day is finally here! By now we will have talked and talked, and we’ve pretty much covered it all – from timelines to shot lists. I’ll always ensure that I touch base with you a month in advance so we can catch up for a quick call, grab a coffee or furiously make lists together! This means that you can ask all of those niggling questions that have been keeping you up at night and I can make sure that I’m on hand to support you in your journey.

The day will come, and you’ll get married. It’ll be a beautiful, crazy whirlwind that will go by all too quickly. I’ll smile a lot, and probably cry – because I always cry at weddings – and I’ll be there to capture all of those sweet and perfect moments to remember. I adore working with natural light, and you’ll no doubt find me pouring over all of those finer details – the things that took you months to find or make.

Let’s get serious for a second though, it’s not easy standing in front of someone with a camera, playing out your most intimate and heartfelt moments so it’s really important to me that I make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The good news, love looks great on everyone and there’s no such thing as an ugly crier. Plus, I always, without fail, carry cookies in my camera bag!

You’ll normally get your images back a month after the wedding date, although I have a habit of sharing my favourite sneak peeks beforehand, and shortly after that, you’ll get a parcel in the mail with your oh-so-fancy flash drive. If you’ve ordered an album, we’ll start to discuss how that will come together.

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